Change of Dynamic View Name

Thanks to Tim Hall for pointing out on his blog that going from database 11.1 to 11.2 Oracle have changed the Flash Recovery Area to Fast Recovery Area. This might please Neil Johnson, who has previously expressed a dislike for its “Sunday best” name here (end of post).

This got me thinking about V$FLASH_RECOVERY_AREA_USAGE, which I’ve previous wanted to create a synonym for as V$FRA_USAGE… Anyway, Oracle have renamed the view from V$FLASH_RECOVERY_AREA_USAGE to V$RECOVERY_AREA_USAGE, which is only going to save me typing 6 characters.

Now, I’m probably asking for too much, but can DBA_TAB_PRIVS be renamed to DBA_OBJ_PRIVS? The description of the TABLE_NAME column makes it clear the name doesn’t fit the usage, “Name of the object. The object can be any object, including tables, packages, indexes, sequences, and so on.”

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