“The Rabbit Hole…”

When I saw that Tanel Põder was presenting Masterclasses in the UK, I was very keen to attend. However, at the time of booking I was about to leave the comfort of permanent employment, so the cost was going to have to come out of my own pocket (or at least, out of my business’s profits). Those that know me personally know that I’m generally pretty cautious with money, so spending over €2,000 on 4 days of training isn’t something I’d be inclined to do too often… Especially when there is so much great material out there for free (including Tanel’s sites).

So, this brings me to the real point of this post. After the classes do I feel it was money well spent? No question about it!

There have been plenty of words of praise for Tanel in the past, so I know I’m probably just repeating what has been said elsewhere, but if you have the opportunity to attend a Masterclass with Tanel then I’d highly recommend it. He’s exceptionally enthusiastic, deeply inquisitive with respect to how Oracle works, modest and very, very knowledgeable.

He’s keen to share the knowledge he’s accummulated through his geeking and work experience. Visit his blog if you haven’t already and keep your eyes on E2SN for detailed and useful information.

I get the feeling that he could go all day, and all night, talking about Oracle and I’d advise attendees of future masterclasses to factor in some flexiblity with travel plans… You really don’t want to have to leave for a train when he’s in full flow.

I’ll just finish off with a few quotations from Tanel that should give you a feel for his character:

You see, the rabbit hole goes even deeper.

(In reference to the ever increasing complexity as you investigate the behaviour of Oracle CBO)

I’m not the CBO expert. I’m just an Oracle geek that likes this stuff.

Crashes, ORA-600s and fun like that.

The secret of engineering is finding the right balance; the right trade-off.

It seems that Tanel is always looking to optimise everything, including himself… A true inspiration.


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