OOW10: The Build Up

This is the first in a series of posts I’ll do about Oracle OpenWorld 2010. The focus of the posts will not always be technical, so if you’re only really interested in the technical stuff then posts with the title prefix of “OOW10” might not be of any interest… Including this one 🙂

I first attended OpenWorld last year, when I was lucky enough to work for a company/manager that saw the benefit of encouraging the geeks in the team. I loved the experience of OpenWorld and came back to the UK with even more enthusiasm for getting to know the technical detail of Oracle Database 11.2 and how I could apply it.

Since then I’ve left the world of permanent employment and set up my own company. There is no specific training/conference budget to speak of, so I was looking for ways to keep costs down. I was aware of the blogger program for OpenWorld from people I’d met last year and was hopeful that I’d be accepted so that I could attend again.

For reasons that I’ve not been able to establish it took much longer for my application for to be accepted than for some others I know, which gave me about a month of thinking that I’d have to miss out this year… Then it came! The confirmation email arrived on 10th August and that kicked off a flurry of activity booking flights and arranging accommodation.

As we get closer and closer to the event the activity on Twitter (hash tag #oow10) and on blogs is really starting to pick up. One of the must attend events of OpenWorld for bloggers is the “Bloggers Meetup“. Last year I had to leave early as in order to catch up with friends that just happened to be in San Francisco as a stop over during their relocation from the UK to New Zealand! This year I should be able to be there the entire evening.

For me one of the highlights of last year was to pick up on the fact that Unconference was something to pay attention to. People go to Oracle OpenWorld for many reasons and it’s not going to be what everyone is looking for, but last year I attended sessions with Jonathan Lewis, Richard Foote and Cary Millsap that were extremely worthwhile.

I look forward to meeting old friends and making new ones. If you’re reading this and attending OpenWorld then get in contact and we’ll meet up… The count down beings 🙂


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