OOW10: Too Much To Do It All

One of the problems I have when attending any conference is knowing which sessions I most want to be at. I’ve spent a few hours using Schedule Builder over the past few weeks to build a plan of how I’ll spend my time at OpenWorld. There were a few conflicts, but I’ve managed to decide on my priorities, which was easier now I don’t have to consider what my manager would want or what would be most applicable to my current employer. I decide on my priorities now, so I can focus on the subjects I’m most interested in.

From my experience so far I feel the Schedule Builder is much improved over last year. I don’t even remember what it was that I didn’t like about it, but it just feels better 🙂 (very scientific!)

… Anyway, the point is that just when you’ve got a schedule arrange for OpenWorld, you realise that Unconference is not to be missed, then you see a tweet drawing to your attention to Oracle Enterpise Linux sessions that you’ve overlooked, then you see another tweet mentioning Oracle Closed World

There just simply isn’t enough time available to attend everything I would like to be at. I’m going to have to miss some things that scream “simply unmissable!”

I’m just going to have to go with the flow and accept the fact that I might not end up in some of the sessions that I originally planned to be in, but as long as I’m enjoying the session I’m in then it’s all good…


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