OOW11: The Come Down

I’m on the way back to London. Having had a great time at OpenWorld and fantastic weather the last two days (plus the use of the Pythian Moon Dog) I feel a bit down to be leaving San Francisco…

A few comments about my last post before I get into this one:

  1. DTrace support in Linux was deliberately missed off the list as it was conveyed in the Oracle Linux 6 session I attended that it was not production ready.
  2. I’m an Oracle database geek. The other sessions I attended were not bad, but as someone that spends a lot of time trying to learn as much as possible about the Oracle database server, when I attend a presentation on a subject I’m much less familiar, but also very keen on, I tend to get a lot out of it – The point is, don’t get the impression that the other sessions were not good.

This was my 3rd OpenWorld and the best experience for me by far. There are a number of factors contributing to that including an apparent increase in the number of technical sessions (necessary as Unconference was not run this year). I highly recommend attending OpenWorld. It is a different experience from the only other Oracle focused conference I’ve attended (UKOUG Conference), but they are both great from my point of view, which is why I plan to continue attending both… And hopefully getting to some more 🙂

Reasons to consider attending OpenWorld:

  1. The speakers are absolutely top notch – There are too many names to “drop” here, but you really do have the best independent and Oracle employed experts
  2. The evening events provide an opportunity to meet like-minded people, and “talk tech”
  3. You are there to hear the latest hardware and software releases as they happen
  4. It’s in San Francisco!

Anyone that follows me on Twitter may have noticed that I was very impressed by what I saw of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c “Cloud Control”. While watching the presentation I planned to get it installed on a VM as soon as I got back to the UK. Martin Bach was clearly as keen as I am and he’s posted details of his install here. Boy, that man’s fast. installed about as fast as humanly possible after the release and pretty much the same with this – Nice work Martin 🙂

Boarding call!

3 thoughts on “OOW11: The Come Down

  1. The worst thing about Open World is having to wait to get home before you can play with the kit. I couldn’t download it in my hotel. First thing I did when I got home is install 12c Cloud Control. 🙂

    By the way, nice meeting up with you again. 🙂



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