Oracle 6 VM Ignoring “shutdown” from Host

This seems like a great candidate for a MEEK (maybe everyone else knows) post…

When I started creating Oracle Linux 6 guest VMs in my KVM base environment it wasn’t long before I noticed that I was not able to shutdown the VMs via virt-manager. This seemed a bit odd as it worked fine for my Oracle Linux 5 guests.

A consequence of libvirt, via virt-manager or otherwise, not being able to stop my guests was that I could no longer just issue a shutdown in my host machine when I’d done with it for the day in order to shutdown everything in one go… The solution to that soon became to issue the shutdown for each of my Oracle Linux 6 guests via ssh before stopping the host. It wasn’t pretty, but it worked.

Well, today, in the process of working on something unrelated, I ran into something that looked to be a solution:


It’s completely obvious now I think about it, but it had never occurred to me that it would not be installed and running by default on Oracle Linux 6.

I ran yum install acpid in one of my VMs and started the service via service acpid start. Hey presto, I’m now able to stop that guest VM via virt-manager.

Incredibly simple, but will make my life just a little bit easier.


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