OOW: So Much To Do

Just a quick blog post to say that I’m out in San Francisco for the 4th year running to attend Oracle OpenWorld, and as much as I can fit in of the other events that happen at the same time!

There’s so much going on it can be pretty tricky to work out where the best place to be at any given time is. The User Group Sunday sessions are always a highlight so I’m looking forward to a busy day tomorrow.

I’ll be tweeting things that grab my attention more than blogging, so if that interests you then follow me there @martinpaulnash – I’d like a shorter Twitter handle, but every one I think of is already taken by someone that never tweets, and in some cases follows no-one!

If you can’t be at OpenWorld yourself then some of the content will be broadcast on YouTube so look out for that. As far as I know none of the techie sessions at OpenWorld will be streamed live, but if your interest extends beyond the Oracle Database Server then you may want to check out illumos Day and ZFS Day.

There may also be broadcasts from OakTable World. I didn’t see any details yet, but I’m pretty sure Tanel has used GotoMeeting during his “hacking sessions” in the past years.

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