How Eter Pani became Oracle Certified Master

I got my OCM. Hurray!
Now one of the common question people ask me is how to pass this OCM exam.
Firstly I am very grateful to Oracle to introduce this exam. Finally it is the real exam, but not test with set of answers. I clearly see complicatedness for examiners, but it is the real proof of DBA skills, not general memory skills.
Secondly this exam does not prove your exceptional knowledge of Oracle. It is the proof that you are fluent in all basic skills. During the exam everything works according to documentation. Personally I have collection of my favourite Metalink Notes and Advanced instructions that are used at least once a week. You do not need such things on exam.
The environment is ready. You do not need to reconfigure switches for RAC or install additional OS packages. What you are doing is only Oracle Database Administration, no OS specific. If something is really different between different UNIX OS, forget about it. It should not be part of the exam.
When I came to client site I frequently have no access to internet thus have a copy of Oracle Documentation locally. Moreover reading through local copy is actually faster then browsing through internet copy. I used to use local copy and it was really useful during exam.
Another my habit that I find useful is preparing all scripts in text file and then copy it to SQL*Plus or Shell window. If you need to rerun script or slightly alter it for a different skill-set you can reuse your one history. E.g. I store in this file backup/restore scripts.
You have 2 days, 14 hours, including lunch and breaks for 7 skill-sets. None of skill-set takes more then 2 hours. If you do not believe you can do something in less then 2 hours forget about it. Even if it would be on exam you would not be able to do it in time. Focus on things that you would be able to do.
The exam is based on 11.2g database. If something is different between patch sets again forget about it. Asking information specific for patch set is unfair to people who used to basic one, thus this question would not arrive on exam.
When you read through skill-set task at the beginning, read it up to the end. Mark for yourself tasks that would require you some investigation through the documentation. Mark for yourself tasks that you doubt to solve. Estimate time for each task. Start from the short and easy one and if you significantly overflow the time frame you set switch to the next task in your ordered list. If you have time you can came back and fix the issues later.
I recommend 15 minutes before end of skill-set to check the whole environment, there is special button for end state of the skill-set. 15 minutes should be enough to bring it to correct state.
Read tasks carefully, frequently tasks include markers how to avoid hidden rocks of the environment, e.g. check all options of the objects to create. If you would not follow it exactly the problems would make your life significantly harder.
Some tasks are not clear, you can ask your proctor for clarification. But proctor not always can rephrase task without violation of exam rules, if he could not provide explanation what is requested in a task follow “best practice”.
In general be concentrated, careful and have a lot of practice before exam. I passed preparation courses but honestly it was just way to guarantee time and environment for training. You can do preparation yourself if your management and family would grant the opportunity to do it. If you have no such generous option apply for a preparation course, it is really value for money, very useful and informative. Course provide to you experience of working on the same machines that you would use on exam. In my case the machines was really physically the same, just different OS image. BTW try to became used to local keyboards of the country where you are going to pass the exam. English and US keyboards are different and this difference can be that point which consume the vital time on exam.
Good Luck.