Grid Control with ASM

A colleague recently hit a problem configuring Grid Control with a repository database that uses ASM.

You do not have sufficient privilege to write to the specified patch for tablespaces

He checked out MetaLink or, as I should say, “My Oracle Support” and found note 738445.1

… Now, I don’t know if I’m misunderstanding what it is suggesting, but an alternative solution that I have used previously is to specify a file system location for both the management tablespaces, then move them to ASM using RMAN after they have been created.

In summary:

  1. Allocate sufficient temporary storage (referred to as the “staging” area) for the Grid Control specific tablespaces (2GB should be more than enough judging by the size of these tablespaces in my current installation)
  2. Install Grid Control (I followed Jeff Hunter’s excellent instructions) specifying a location on the “staging” filesystem for the Grid Control tablespaces
  3. Post installation, shutdown the OMS using (assuming ORACLE_HOME set to OMS home):
  4. $ $ORACLE_HOME/opmn/bin/opmnctl stopall

  5. Use RMAN to backup “as copy” the relevant tablespaces (MGMT_TABLESPACE and MGMT_ECM_DEPOT_TS) with format ‘+DATA’ (or other disk group as applicable), i.e.:
  6. RMAN> backup as copy tablespace MGMT_TABLESPACE format '+DATA';
    RMAN> backup as copy tablespace MGMT_ECM_DEPOT_TS format '+DATA';

  7. Take relevant tablespaces offline
  8. RMAN> sql 'alter tablespace MGMT_TABLESPACE offline';
    RMAN> sql 'alter tablespace MGMT_ECM_DEPOT_TS offline';

  9. Switch tablespaces to copy using RMAN
  10. RMAN> switch tablespace MGMT_TABLESPACE to copy;
    RMAN> switch tablespace MGMT_ECM_DEPOT_TS to copy;

  11. Recover tablespaces
  12. RMAN> recover tablespace MGMT_TABLESPACE;
    RMAN> recover tablespace MGMT_ECM_DEPOT_TS;

  13. Bring tablespaces back online
  14. RMAN> sql 'alter tablespace MGMT_TABLESPACE online';
    RMAN> sql 'alter tablespace MGMT_ECM_DEPOT_TS online';

  15. Start the OMS processes (assuming ORACLE_HOME set to OMS home)
  16. $ $ORACLE_HOME/opmn/bin/opmnctl startall

Now that really has got to be easier than (only edited highlights because repoducing MetaLink/My Oracle Support Documentation is not going to win me friends at Oracle:

Do not install grid console on the local machine on which ASM instance exist.


After successful installation of grid control console, install additional OMS on local machine where the ASM is installed.

Maybe I missed something that is RAC specific, but the note does state:

Same problem occurs for

+ Multiple node RAC Database.
+ Single node RAC Database.
+ Single instance Database.

With RAC the logical option would be to use a clustered filesystem as the tablespace staging area, but I can’t see why dropping to a single node RAC configuration in order to get Grid Control setup and then moving back to multi-node would not work…

Anyone out there with other experiences of this?