Checking Oracle Directory Object Path Validity

Bit of a mouthful that title. Today I was asked to check which, if any, directory objects had an invalid path. Normally this would be trivial but on the system I was on there were more than 90. So I knocked up a quick bit of SQL/KSH to do it for me and thought I’d share it here. I could have done something with PL/SQL but I was happy with quick and dirty.

In summary the snippet below generates shell test commands to a temporary file and then uses “sed” to chop off the first and last lines before running the resulting shell script. I just pasted this in to a putty window SQL*Plus prompt – your mileage may vary.

set define off heading off pages 0 lines 200 trimspool on feedback off echo off
spool /tmp/dirchk.tmp
select '[[ -d '||directory_path||' ]] || echo "'||directory_name||' missing ('||directory_path||')"' from dba_directories order by 1;
spool off

!ls -l /tmp/dirchk.tmp
!sed -e '1d;$d' /tmp/dirchk.tmp > /tmp/
!chmod 700 /tmp/

On Linux I could have used the sed “-i” switch the edit in place but this was AIX.

Example output:

NJTEMP missing (/home/nj)
RESPONSE_DIR missing (/mnt/app/files/response)
SCHEMA_DIR missing (/mnt/app/schema)
CONVERSION missing (/mnt/app/conversion)
FTP_DIR missing (/mnt/app/ftp_files)